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Start with Just One™ is a simple goal setting system to help you accomplish one goal at a time by using biblical principles.  


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Are you overwhelmed by all the task you have to complete in a day, a week, a month, or year? You would rather put it off for another day,  but that day never comes back around.  Time has passed you by before you realize your goals and dreams have not been fulfilled in your life.  I believe the hardest part of a goal is getting started.  

This course will help you organize and prioritize your goals to gain momentum in accomplishing more throughout the year.  You will see how using some simple biblical principles to develop a plan will set the wheels in motion to manifest your dreams.  

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One of Our Star Starters:


"Thank you, Ms. Bryant!  The materials have been very helpful.. this program has already changed my thinking to be committed to the process of where I’m headed. I just decided to take 1 step at a time, and I’m off to a good start."
Alexia A.